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In-Situ Socilogical Studies

From the very earliest records of sociological and anthropological observations, much is taken for granted or glossed over and not actually verified. Making individuals produce tools without circular dependencies is an exacting process and requires substantial effort on the part of the studied people.

Synthetic Micro Environments

Experimental Archaeology

Experiments with various technical scopes and time scales have been carried out in academia. Thor Heyerdal's Kon-Tiki expedition would be one such.


While there are vast numbers of historically themed venues oriented toward visitors (Rennaisance Fairs in the US and UK, Park Asterix in France, etc.) there are also hybrid settings where education and research are carried out in tandem with the profit making enterprise. Some of these include:

Era Scale Enterprise www Location
Iron/Bronze Age Dozens Butser Ancient Farm [1] Hampshire, UK
15th Century Dozens Guedelon Castle [2] Burgundy, FR
18th Century Dozens Colonial Williamsburg [3] Virginia, USA
18th and 19th Centuries Dozens Old Sturbridge Village [4] Connecticut, USA

Documentary Entertainment

More recently the television industry has created programming involving specially prepared closed environments based on a historic or hypothetical premise, in which the participants or volunteers live for the duration of the production.

Era Scale Show Source
Ice Age 8 Morgan Spurlock's "I, Caveman" [5][6] The Science Channel.
Iron Age 15 BBC's "Living in the Past" [7] The BBC
19th Century 13 Hoppe & Shaw's "Frontier House" [8] PBS
21st Century (Postapocalyptic) 10 Metal Flowers Media's "The Colony" [9] Discovery Channel